The Bloodshed Continues

Rambo is the misguided 20 year return for Vietnam vet John Rambo. By this point in his career, Sylvester Stallone began to reevaluate his older work. Even though we all thought he was crazy to be doing it at his age. He did get back into fighting shape and still knows how to shoot an arrow, but the shirt stays on. Although Rocky Balboa was a success, the simply titled Rambo shouldn’t have been made the way it was.

The reason for the gap between Rambo III was Stallone’s lack of a good story to work with. Eventually returning and directing like everything else he starred in at the time. The idea was to make a Rambo film with Rambo’s direction. No wonder it ended up being one of the most violent movies ever made. Which is why I could barely be entertained by it. Rambo is way too realistic in its depiction of war brutality. You just can’t change the world with aย Rambo movie. Nobody wants to see women or children being killed and abused. It’s sad to know it exists, but it crosses the line even for a franchise like this.

John Rambo is brought out of his peaceful life to transport Christian missionaries to Burma. Taking the action to a very real warzone. Without Trautman to keep him centered, Rambo is more brutal than ever in his mercenary rescue mission. Although his despicable enemies deserve it, the action is just too excessive to stomach. Decapitating, cutting through people with a mounted machine gun, and pulling out the leaders intestines in a particularly bloody finale. Rambo may be trying to say something, but I’m too disgusted to hear it.

4. Rambo

John Rambo aims his arrow

Preceded by: Rambo III & Followed by: Rambo: Last Blood

3 thoughts on “The Bloodshed Continues

  1. I have to admit that I still enjoyed this one….because it called attention to a very brutal regime that was going on at the time. Yes the violence was completely over the top, and disgusting at certain point…but when you see what the people did in the beginning of this film by throwing babies in a fire, they pretty much deserved it. That said…I can understand also this film is completely and totally different from the previous three installments. And certainly itโ€™s not as enjoyable as the previous three. Rambo: Last Blood though….thatโ€™s where I drew the line, especially with the horrific final scene (you know what I mean๐Ÿ˜Š)

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