Old Man Rambo

Rambo: Last Blood signals the end of Sylvester Stallone’s action hero John Rambo. Although the full circle title makes it clear that this is the last blood to be spilt, Last Blood doesn’t feel like finale material. Rambo went from defending himself against police in a small town, to fighting wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Burma. Somehow fighting a drug cartel in Mexico wasn’t the conclusion I imagined. Stallone is still in fighting shape, but he’s dropped almost all of Rambo’s trademarks. His hair isn’t long and he doesn’t wear his iconic headband. He just looks like older Sly with a bow & arrow.

Based on the reception, I braced myself for something more violent than Rambo. The reviews couldn’t be more exaggerated. Last Blood is no more graphic than an average slasher flick. It’s more of a personal story with a whole lot of calm before the storm. Rambo is at his home in Arizona. Living with his housekeeper and surrogate daughter Gabriela. After everything he’s been through, Rambo’s become a rancher with a close family. I hate to always make the comparison, but the plot is basically an R rated Taken.

Gabriela is taken by a despicable drug cartel and forced into human trafficking. I’m not sure why Last Blood was accused of anything, because there are criminals like this who exist. Rambo’s enemies are no different than the one’s he’s faced in the past. When they take away his happiness, Rambo seeks revenge by rigging his house full of booby traps. It’s really the final fight that’s the bloodiest, but all the brutal dismemberment is never lingered on. Except for the heart stopping final moments. Rambo: Last Blood is too short and inconsequential to feel like a suitable close to an iconic character.

5. Rambo Last Blood

John Rambo takes aim

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3 thoughts on “Old Man Rambo

  1. I agree with you. This film certainly wasn’t a proper sent off to such an iconic character. I also thought that final hearstopping moment was just too much. It was total overkill, and I know the writer of the books really didn’t really enjoy this movie at all. I hear some rumours that there is going to be one more installment. Knowing Stallone I wouldn’t even be surprised lol😂

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      1. Well…Rambo is always Sylvester Stallone, just as the Terminator will always be Schwarzenegger. A remake just wouldn’t work in my opinion. But apparently I read somewhere that Stallone does have something in the works, but it could be just a rumour.

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