Party On, Dudes!

Bill & Ted Face the Music is a most triumphant 29 year return for Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, aka the WYLD STALLYNS! *air guitar* Unfortunately, I think it took too long to come out. With Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey becoming cult favorites, how could a third movie measure up? Especially for someone like me who grew up with the movies. The now middle aged Alex Winter and newly famous Keanu Reeves slip perfectly into their Bill & Ted personas.

Although Bogus Journey felt conclusive, they apparently didn’t unite the world. Now they perform heinous gigs and have a family to support. Princess Joanna & Elizabeth are recast for the third time with slightly more to do. Their daughters are basically female versions of their fathers named Billie & Thea. Samara Weaving is ok, but it’s Brigette Lundy-Paine who does an excellent Keanu impression. Ted’s dad and Missy return too in unexpectedly hilarious ways. Bill & Ted Face the Music is essentially the first 2 movies smooshed together. With writing the song that unites the world as the central theme.

They just go off on too many inconsistent tangents for the sake of recreation. Rufus’s daughter inspires them to travel to the future. Where they meet increasingly crazy versions of themselves. Meanwhile, their daughters travel to the past to slowly form a random historical band. All the while an unfunny robot chases them. They’re also obligated to go back to Hell where William Sadler’s Death also seems off. The final musical solution was predictable, but the unifying message was most bodacious. Bill & Ted Face the Music is too chaotic to be clever, but it’s enough just to see these most lovable slackers again. *air guitar*


Bill & Ted take the time machine

P.S. I just wish it was on the big screen.

Preceded by: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

2 thoughts on “Party On, Dudes!

  1. Excellent! knew that was coming right? Seriously though this is a movie I would purely watch for nostalgic reasons. I loved the two previous films, and while this one does seem to have a few flaws I think I will still enjoy it. Party on dude! 😊

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