Maximum Effort

Deadpool 2 put the X back in excessive. Even with a one year gap between Deadpool and Deadpool 2, it never seemed like Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking antics left. Especially since Logan opened with an unexpected short film titled No Good Deed. With Wade Wilson taking way too long to change into his superhero costume set to the Superman theme. Resulting in the death of an old man, but featuring a Stan Lee cameo. If anybody was angry about Hugh Jackman’s departure it was Ryan Reynolds. No chance of a Deadpool/Wolverine team up movie now. Not to mention Disney getting their hands on 20th Century Fox. Even though it was an accidental hit, it was obvious Deadpool would get a sequel.

One bigger and more beautiful than ever. That meant the already promised addition of Cable. Plus major supporting character Domino and frequently affiliated team X-Force. Although it wasn’t long after another more prominent Marvel movie, I still maintained my excitement for both. Made even more ironic by the choice of Josh Brolin to play Cable. Which is like the 8th comic book movie Brolin’s performed in. Since original director Tim Miller left due to creative differences, John Wick director David leitch came in. Unlike Deadpool or Logan, my parents did go to see Deadpool 2 with my brother and I. We just put some distance between us, because there’s no telling how R rated it was going to get…

21. Deadpool 2

Deadpool leads X-Force

Deadpool 2 was generally well received by most people, but I’ll be the first to admit I prefer the unfiltered rawness of the first Deadpool. Marketing was just as aggressive the second time around. From Norman Rockwell posters to Bob Ross style teaser trailers. Followed by a hilariously unfinished trailer and a Superman mustache joke. The only thing that was missing was a more subversive title. I mean Deadpool 2 was really all they could come up with? After awhile trailers became more standard, but Ryan Reynolds continued popping up everywhere. Although Deadpool’s jokes can still be hilarious and meta, it’s the PC humor that’s really out of character. Deadpool is probably the least PC superhero in comics. From his guntotting killing sprees to his attraction to pretty much everybody. So turning him into some kind of cynical crusader just doesn’t fit. I also wasn’t crazy about the casual blasphemy.

What works is his more blatant jokes directed at superhero movies and other pop culture things. Disney jokes are a little forced though. Although I was willing to accept the crudeness and 2 second profanity of the first film, some of it isn’t even creative the second time around. I can only assume Ryan Reynolds was responsible for a majority of that. Still, Deadpool 2 is a mostly enjoyable action heavy comedy family picture. As expected, Deadpool is jealous of Logan stealing his R rated thunder and dying in his own movie. So he kills himself too and goes for a slightly more depressive tone. Right from the start you can tell the budget’s increased and the action has gotten more John Wicky. Starting with a humorous sword fighting, gun firing, explosive montage against random international crime bosses. Every living character from the first movie returns in some capacity.

Except Morena Baccarin is immediately killed off as soon as Wade returns to Vanessa. Only having time to want a child and then returning every once in awhile in heavenly visions. Her death is followed by a copycat opening with the same joke names, but more of a James Bond aesthetic. Along with an amazing Celine Dion song that’s intentionally high caliber. Other song choices are just as hilariously random. Indian cab driver Dopinder returns with a blood thirsty need to be a contract killer and TJ Miller continues to show up as Weasel. Once again going on and on with jokes that are either hit or miss. When Wade is depressed, he returns to Blind Al who gives the same kind of advice. He takes it as an excuse to kill himself and that signals the return of Colossus. Who more forcefully attempts to make Deadpool an X-Men (trainee).

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is still the only other one in the house, but now she has longer hair, a better costume, and is a lesbian. Fox once again stopped caring since she’s with another version of Yukio. One with pink hair and some kind of energy chain. Although the funniest joke is Wade once again calling attention to the lack of other X-Men in the X-Mansion, then having them close the door right behind him. Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Beast, and Quicksilver all briefly appear in their prequel forms. Deadpool attempts to play X-Men, but his true nature comes out when he meets Russell. Unlike the very obscure Firefist, Russell is a chubby New Zealand kid. Played by Julian Dennison who got attention for a Taika Waititi film. Russell is simply fighting back against the abusers at a Mutant Re-Education Facility, but it gets the two of them arrested and sent to a Mutant power suppressing prison. It’s there they throw in other lesser comic characters like Black Tom Cassidy and something big underneath.

Russell clings to Wade, but all he wants to do is die. It’s at that moment Cable travels back in time. Josh Brolin matches Cable’s edgy weapon toting, robot arm having, flat top sporting look despite being significantly shorter. His needlessly complex origin is just reduced and not much emphasis is placed on his lineage as Nathan Summers. All that’s explored is his mission to avenge his wife and daughter Hope’s death in the future. The target is Russell, who grows up to be a supervillain. When he breaks into prison, Cable is more of an antagonist who clashes with Deadpool. Their straight man comedy duo dynamic shines through even though it doesn’t make up the entire movie. Wade ends up escaping prison and Vanessa convinces him to protect Russell in a vision. Which means it’s time to team up. This version of X-Force consists of electrical disruptor Bedlam, Mojoworld alien Shatterstar, acidic vomit spitter Zeitgeist, and lady luck herself Domino.

Although I would have prefered the comic accurate goth Domino, Zazie Beetz is fine in the role. She just has a white eye patch instead of a black one. Her luck powers look great on the big screen. The insanely average Peter also joins the team and so does Vanisher (I think?). A lot rides on X-Force making it to Russell’s prison transport truck, but (SPOILER ALERT!) everyone dies in unexpectedly funny fashion. Brad Pitt himself is revealed as Vanisher and Domino is the only survivor. Deadpool and Cable fight again and he even reuses his X-Men Origins: Wolverine bullet cutting move. But the tables turn when Russell’s new friend is revealed. I was shocked when it turned out they finally made a more accurate version of Juggernaut. Complete with giant CGI body and round metal helmet. If only it wasn’t in an R rated movie where he’s made to say overly profane things. Although it is fun to see him rip Deadpool in half. Even if it leads to the grossest joke where he has baby legs. Another downside is the lack of nudity. Something the last movie had no problem with.

Cable finally decides to team up with Deadpool and he explains his tragic backstory to everyone. Together with Domino, maybe Dopinder, and later Colossus, Negasonic & Yukio, they attempt to stop Russell, free the mutants, and take down Juggernaut. The climax ends when Deadpool sacrifices himself to keep Russell from killing the headmaster. What follows is a death that loses me the longer it goes on. Wade goes with Vanessa and it’s the only time Ryan Reynolds shows his face. A grateful Cable decides to save Wade’s life and they part ways as unlikely friends. In the end, the funniest moment for me is the mid-credits time fixing montage Deadpool goes on. He does everything from saving Vanessa and Peter to shooting Weapon XI multiple times in front of Wolverine and killing Ryan Reynolds before he does Green Lantern. Fortunately the baby Hitler joke was taken out. As were any other extreme jokes that only appear in The Super Duper $@%!#& Cut. The PG-13 The Princess Bride parodying Once Upon a Deadpool has its moments, but it was clearly only made to make extra money. Deadpool 2 is an R rated blockbuster hit, even if it is a little Hollywood for my taste.

22. Deadpool 2

Thanos Cable faces Deadpool

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3 thoughts on “Maximum Effort

  1. I agree with you. I enjoyed the first Deadpool more as well, even though I definitely did enjoy this one too. Have to agree about some of the characters though: Domino was played well, but I also would have preferred a more comic book accurate adaptation. As for Josh Brolin as Cable, as great an actor as he is, I just felt he was somewhat miscast as this character. It should have been a bit of more โ€œbeefierโ€ actor so to speak. All in all though, this was a fun ride, and the humor was once again top notch๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Nice write-up! And it’s always the newness of the first one, isn’t it? We meet him before he turns into Deadpool, we see his transformation, all that. Hubby and I were just musing how much more we liked John Wick, for example, next to the rest of them.
    But like you said, it was still a good ride! I definitely know I have the humor of a 15-year-old boy anyway, so this kind of humor is in my wheelhouses, lol. Just re-watched This Is The End after many years and guffawed through most of it. What’s wrong with me?! I hate PC. I love off the wall and “I don’t care” humor.

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