We’re Gonna Get You

The Evil Dead is what happens when a low-budget B movie reaches mainstream success. Becoming one of the most favored independent cult movies of all horror cinema. The Evil Dead is famously where a young Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell got their start. After filming a crude short film to gain funding. Filming The Evil Dead was a real nightmare that left the amateur cast & crew in agony. Raimi had no restraint on gore, so the movie was rated X (or NC-17). Despite its iconic horror reputation (and equally iconic poster), I avoided seeing The Evil Dead for a long time. Since I knew it didn’t hold back on shock value.

Although I find it disgusting, the first movie is worth commending. It follows a group of college kids on their way to a cabin in the woods. Ignoring the red flags, they stay in the creepy cabin. Eventually finding a Book of the Dead in a mysteriously opened cellar. It includes a tape recording that unknowingly unleashes evil demonic spirits upon them. Deadites are not quite zombies. They have a grotesque appearance with white eyes and a sick sense of humor. The blood splatter is creatively gory, but it gets real uncomfortable despite looking fake. Impressively painstaking stop-motion was used in places.

The most iconic image is one of the deadite victims trapped in the cellar. While the most uncomfortable scene by far is the angry molesting tree scene. SPOILER ALERT! The Evil Dead makes rare use of a final boy. Although Ashley “Ash” Williams isn’t quite the icon Bruce Campbell would later create. He briefly picks up a chainsaw, but it’s mostly an axe that he uses. When all are put to rest, the movie famously ends with a mysterious force heading straight for Ash. The Evil Dead launched careers and made a name in supernatural horror.

1. The Evil Dead

Deadite Cheryl in the cellar

Followed by: Evil Dead II

2 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Get You

  1. This is without a doubt one of the most disgusting movies that I have ever seen. Even though I love horror, I couldn’t get myself to like this. The second and third parts though were at least more enjoyable, because it didn’t take itself to seriously..and well Ash is just a fun character. Other than that, I can’t say I liked this one😔

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