See Tom Run

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is what happens when a highly successful spy franchise has nowhere to go but up. Fallout is the highest grossing, best reviewed, and easily one of the greatest action movies in recent memory. Which is saying a lot for a 6th installment. Since my mom was the one who hyped up Mission: Impossible for my brother and I, we all went to the theater to see it. Fallout received more media coverage than usual. Making it more of a must watch than it already was. Now that we expect Tom Cruise to perform dangerous stunts, he just keeps pushing himself despite being 56 years old. The sixth director is Christopher McQuarrie. The only filmmaker to direct more than one Mission: Impossible. Although Rogue Nation worked 3 years ago, I still enjoy the different direction each movie gimmick. In fact, Fallout is the first sequel to actually feel like a seamless continuation. Since far less actors disappear without a trace (except for Jeremy Renner). Alec Baldwin is still head of IMF Hunley, Simon Pegg is still trusted technician Benji, and Ving Rhames always has to be around as trusted hacker Luther.

Even the beautiful woman doesn’t change this time around. Since Rebecca Ferguson was just that good as shady former agent Ilsa Faust. Even Michelle Monaghan returns for a third more prominent time as Ethan Hunt’s ex-wife Julia. Fallout indeed lives up to its title when a major fallout tests Ethan on a personal & professional level. The mission should the Impossible Missions Force (IMF) choose to accept it, is to secure three stolen plutonium cores before the newly formed Syndicate known as the Apostles take them. The plutonium cores are McGuffins intended to start a new world order. The new villain is code named John Lark, but an imprisoned Solomon Lane is also distinct for being a villain who returns. Hunt’s IMF team gains information using masks, but they fail when agents secure the Plutonium for an arms dealer. So Angela Bassett acting as head of the CIA has assassin August Walker keep an eye on IMF. Henry Cavill is the best new addition to the franchise due to his intimidating size, reloadable fists, and mustache that made Justice League a joke. In order to infiltrate a Paris nightclub, Hunt and Walker must HALO jump. One of many major stunts Cruise pulled off with ease.

Followed by an intense bathroom brawl with ridiculously awesome fist fighting. Faust makes a last minute rescue and Hunt meets the arms dealer without a mask. The only new beautiful woman is Vanessa Kirby as Alanna Mitsopolis aka White Widow. She lives up to her color swapped name when more enemies attack. Then things get complicated when she promises the plutonium in exchange for Lane. It’s a dramatic armed truck intercept, car chase, and motorcycle chase that sees Hunt and Faust on opposite sides again. The masks come in handy once more when Walker is not so surprisingly revealed as the manifesto writing John Lark. So Cruise runs his biggest run to date in London. It was so real that Cruise broke his ankle failing to clear a jump. I wince everytime I see it, but that makes the scene even better. It’s finally at the glaciers that two of the bombs will go off unless IMF stops them. Julia just so happens to be their with her new husband. Benji, Luther, Ilsa, and Julia take care of the detonators while Hunt unsurprisingly climbs up one of the helicopters. Another death defying stunt concluding in a gritty one on one brawl. With all the pieces coming together flawlessly, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is proof that like Tom Cruise, the franchise only gets better with age.

6. Mission Impossible Fallout

Ethan Hunt gives chase

Preceded by: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

6 thoughts on “See Tom Run

  1. I winced too during that scene. I saw on Youtube what happened, and man itโ€™s just amazing that Tom grits through the pain and just keeps going all for the film. Even more crazy is the fact that he even piloted the helicopter during that scene. I absolutely loved this installment, and canโ€™t wait to see what they will be bringing to the table with part 7 ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. We were not aware of the ankle thing. That’s incredible. That bathroom fight was da bomb, as the kids say. Totally on the same page with you re: Cruise. Wasn’t fond of him years ago. He slowly grew on me. I think he’s become a fine actor.

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