You Look Tired

The Bourne Supremacy is a spy sequel on par with the original. The Bourne Identity was a hit, but there were no plans for a sequel apparently. Despite the book of the same name by Robert Ludlam, The Bourne Supremacy is completely different. Director Doug Liman was also dropped in favor of Paul Greengrass. He brings even shakier camera work, but he was a good match for the franchise. I still can’t claim Bourne was my personal favorite spy franchise, but there are just as many pulse pounding moments. After gaining his freedom by threatening the CIA in The Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne has been living happily with Marie in India. Until he’s pushed towards revenge when his amnesia obscured past returns to haunt him.

An even more complex and confusing frame-up is done against Bourne which results in the unfortunate death of Marie. The assassin is Russian agent Kirill played by Karl Urban. The perfect match for Matt Damon in this assassin vs. assassin scenario. With Treadstone defunct, the CIA lead by Joan Allen as director Pamela Landy track him down as he attempts to clear his name. Brian Cox is even more important as shady CIA chief Abbott. Who’s behind an innocent Russian politician hit job that Bourne must also come to terms with.

Julia Stiles is brought back as former technician Nicky. Bourne and Nicky have a tense confrontation, but he lets her go. The real enemy is Kirill and anyone in his way. From Naples to Berlin, the action just gets better. The heartbreaking deadly car chase puts things into motion, fighting an assailant with a magazine is brutal however impractical the explosion might be, and the final high speed car chase is satisfying. However, it’s Bourne’s final message to Landy that she looks tired that seals the deal. The Bourne Supremacy is a supreme follow up.

2. The Bourne Supremacy

Jason Bourne in a truck

Preceded by: The Bourne Identity & Followed by: The Bourne Ultimatum

4 thoughts on “You Look Tired

  1. Haha liked that sentence: a supreme follow up. To be honest I had completely forgotten that Karl Urban played in this film. Heโ€™s such an underrated actor in my opinion. See, like I said, I think itโ€™s time to rewatch a couple of movies. My memory is failing me๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… Great post!

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    1. I’ll admit that the Bourne movies really do blur together for me. I needed a serious refresher before reviewing them since its been so long since I’d seen them. Then I was reminded how awesome they are. Supreme indeed.


  2. I read the book before I saw the film, and I was completely disappointed as the film doesn’t follow the book at all. In the book Marie lives and is kidnapped but escapes and goes around incognito somewhere in Europe while Jason searches for her and whoever set up the whole thing. That she’s an essential character in the books, and is just discarded in the sequels prevented me from watching them ever again.

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