The Bourne Return

Jason Bourne should have been left alone. Turns out bringing back Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass didn’t make much of a difference. After nothing of particular importance in The Bourne Legacy, Jason Bourne finally returns in this much demanded fifth installment. Except they gave it an out of place self titled name. Like calling a Bond movie James Bond. I guess since none of the Robert Ludlam stories were used in any of the sequels, they just stopped bothering with the book names. Considering the return, Jason Bourne felt like the best time to get into the franchise.

Until the surprisingly lackluster response that made me stop at the much better trilogy. The problem was continuing a story that’s already been tied up 10 years ago. Bourne is off the grid as a boxer in Greece with his amnesia no longer a factor. Except for when Nicky returns with even more unnecasary information. Damon and Julia Stiles are the only original actors to return since nothing in Legacy is brought up outside of Outcome appearing on a top secret file. Bourne is now chasing answers to his father’s death and the CIA once again intervenes with their exposure in the balance. Tommy Lee Jones is just another corrupt CIA director and Alicia Vikander is another head of operations chasing Bourne.

Meanwhile, Vincent Cassel plays yet another asset from another assassin program called Iron Hand sent to terminate Bourne. Jason Bourne delivers on shaky cam action, shady surveillance, and Bourne being two steps ahead. Only now it’s either familiar to the point of being dull or so shaky that it’s incomprehensible. Despite how important she’s been, Nicky is unfairly given the same treatment as Marie. Leaving Bourne with brief boxing matches, a motorcycle chase in the middle of a riot, more brutal fights, a Fast & Furious style car chase, and a rough final confrontation with the asset. Jason Bourne did its job, but that’s not enough to warrant a return.

5. Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne reamerges

Preceded by: The Bourne Legacy

2 thoughts on “The Bourne Return

  1. This is the only film I haven’t seen yet. But considering the lackluster response to it, and after reading this post, I’m not in a real hurry to see this film. Doesn’t mean I won’t as I’m a completionist after all, but one thing at a time😊

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