Powell & Child

Julie & Julia brings together 2 of my favorite things; food and blogging. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Like everyone else on Earth, I absolutely love to eat. So I thought I’d dine into a movie all about food. Other than my knowledge of famed French cook Julia Child, I didn’t know much about Nora Ephron’s final film. Julie Powell is a blogger who cooked every recipe from Child’s cookbook. Making this the very first major movie about blogging. Both are true stories and both deserve equal attention.

Julia Child, 1950’s – Like every other role she tackles, Meryl Streep is Julia Child. She matches her great height and unusually high voice. Child is American, but she puts on a proper accent that I’ve always confused for French. Everything I know about Julia Child came from my mother who enjoys cooking shows. I’d say Streep is deserving of her Oscar nod. Child’s story chronicles her life in Paris with her loving husband Paul. Child was a true pioneer who professionally pursued cooking as a woman in the 50’s. From learning at Le Cordon Bleu to publishing her cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cuisine. Streep is as fun to watch as Child was during her eventual TV show…

Julie and Julia

Julia Child cooks

Julie Powell, 2002 – What I thought would be the weak link of the movie, ended up being just as enjoyable. As a blogger, it’s fun to watch something with such a focus on blogging. Julie & Julia is technically the story of New York writer Julie Powell. She works at a call center post-9/11 and shares a tiny apartment with her cat and loving husband Eric. In order to find purpose in her life, Julie blogs about her love of cooking. She admires Julia Child and decides to take on the task of cooking all 524 recipes from her cookbook for an entire year. There are problems of course, but she cooks her way through it. It helps that Amy Adams is so endearing in the role.

In conclusion, Julie & Julia makes me hungry for fine French cuisine. As well as give me hope that blogging can lead to great opportunities. Nora Ephron was great with female friendly stories and this is two for the price of one. Stars like Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Amy Adams, and Chris Messina make it work. With food, love, and aspiration to offer, Julie & Julia is worth the time to dine, Bon AppΓ©tit.

Julie and Julia

Julie Powell cooks

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