Space Sheep

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is out of this world. Aardman animation hasn’t made many movies since stop-motion is just too time consuming. So it’s not difficult to understand why they haven’t made any sequels. Farmageddon is the first sequel the now independent studio has made. Which is understandable considering the non-verbal nature of Shaun the Sheep makes it easier to animate. Wallace & Gromit will just have to settle for short films for now.

Farmageddon is a classic, more furry version of any movie where an alien is lost on Earth. Shaun, the sheep, Bitzer, the Farmer, and the rest of Mossy Bottom Farm are all enjoying life. Shaun tries to have fun, but Bitzer keeps putting up “No” signs. All that changes when cute alien Lu-La arrives. Lu-La is like a blue bunny with purple ears and tentacles. Along with a big appetite and the usual alien powers like levitation. Her arrival triggers UFO mania, so the Farmer decides to cash in on it with an amusement park called Farmageddon.

Bitzer is an unwitting sideshow who gets mistaken for the alien. Meanwhile, Shaun & Lu-La become fast friends. A female government suit, her hazmat workers, and an emotive robot act as the antagonists who want to track the alien. Like the first movie, the visual humor works just as well the second time. The friendly alien stuff may be familiar, but that’s not a problem when they tell it so well. Admiration was just as high the second time around. It just didn’t receive any Oscar attention likely because it was between years and release platforms. Farmageddon is as grand a day out as claymation can offer.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon

Shaun with Lu-La

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