The Manger Babies

The Star is the unlikely blend of animated comedy and the Nativity of Jesus Christ. It’s a little awkward to see “From the studio that brought you Miracles from Heaven and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” but it works better than you’d think. Merry Christmas everyone! As a Christian, I’m always willing to watch the greatest story ever told. I just didn’t know how to feel after seeing the talking animals and occasionally juvenile jokes in the trailer. Especially considering this was Sony Animation’s follow up to The Emoji Movie.

It was a massive collaborative effort with an all-star cast despite the reserved animation. Fortunately, they knew how important this story is. Just as in the Bible, Mary of Nazareth is visited by an angel of pure light. She is to carry the son of God with the help of her husband Joseph. They follow the titular star to Bethlehem and bear the true king (and my savior) in a manger. All the while the evil King Herod threatens the birth. It is as it is written, but it’s the animals that get the attention.

With the Biblically appropriate use of Bo the donkey, Dave the dove, and Ruth the sheep. Along with camels ridden by the Three Wise Men and all the animals from the manger. They’re not quite sure what’s going on, but they know Mary needs to be protected when dogs are unknowingly sent after her. Even with the kid friendly comedic tone, they never forget to pray and acknowledge God. I couldn’t help but tear up when Jesus was finally born. It’s not a definitive take, but The Star is a sincere retelling of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Star

The animals witness the birth of Jesus

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