He’s an Angry Elf

The Christmas Chronicles 2 proved to be just as joyous as the original Netflix offering. I think I still prefer the unpredictable nature of The Christmas Chronicles, but the more fantasy filled sequel does the trick too. Rather than focus on the gimmick of a rugged Kurt Russell Santa stuck in the real world, we see what things are like in the North Pole. Goldie Hawn’s Mrs. Claus cameo is expanded into a featured role with way more attention given to the computer animated elves.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 follows a pre-teen Kate frustrated with her mom’s new boyfriend. She ends up teleported to the North Pole along with her potential step-brother Jack. While hunting a giant Yule cat, Santa brings the children into the shielded Santa’s Workshop. It’s a magical place with some modern inventions designed by Mrs. Claus. While I didn’t care for some cringy jokes, I couldn’t deny the real life love shared by Russell & Hawn. We even learn some backstory on Santa’s days as St. Nick. Including how he met the elves and received the “Star of Bethlehem” that powers the North Pole. Christian references like that are a nice touch.

The conflict comes from a naughty elf turned human named Belsnickel seeking revenge on Santa. This is the second power hungry character Julian Dennison has played. The Christmas Chronicles 2 is full of peril and even more unique Christmas themed ideas. Like Mrs. Claus baking sweet versions of healthy food or having magic Christmas cookies. Plus Santa time travels and sings another hip musical number with Darlene Love. With just as much heart as before, The Christmas Chronicles 2 is another Christmas hit from director Chris Columbus.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in the North Pole

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