Too Cool for School

Back to School is a ton of fun I tell ya. I tell ya it’s the funniest movie starring comedian Rodney Dangerfield. The man got no respect, no respect I tell ya. I didn’t grow up knowing Dangerfield outside of his appearance on The Simpsons. Caddyshack was a hilarious breakout performance, but my parents always told me to check out Back to School. I wasn’t sure how Dangerfield would do in a lead role, but he’s perfectly natural between good natured riffing and eye bulging.

Thornton Melon is a self made millionaire who got rich selling to the tall and fat. He’s got money, time, and an unfaithful trophy wife, but that’s nothing without an education. So he decides to attend college with his disillusioned son Jason in order to convince him to stay. There were plenty of middle aged students when I went to college, but it’s still a unique circumstance. Thornton coasts through college by buying any supplies he needs, partying down, hiring employees to do his homework, and romancing his poetry professor.

Thornton still has a good heart though. Eventually learning the value of learning without money. Meanwhile, Jason attempts to have his own accomplishments and maybe get a girlfriend. This was the 80’s, so expect two F bombs and a topless shower scene in this PG-13 movie. Along with some great talent like Ned Beatty, Burt Young, and a young Robert Downey Jr. Dangerfield still steals the show with all his witty remarks. His crowning comedic achievement is subbing for someone on his son’s diving team. Performing a ludicrous “Triple Lindy” dive. Back to School is just chock full of laughs I tell ya.

Back to School

Thornton Melon high dives

7 thoughts on “Too Cool for School

  1. Back To School was a great comedy.

    And Rodney Dangerfield was perfect.

    I loved his hiring writer Kurt Vonnegut to write his essay on Kurt Vonnegut.

    And his sexy English lit professor telling Dangerfield’s character, “I don’t know who you hired to write your essay on Vonnegut but he obviously doesn’t know much about Vonnegut.”

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