The Price is Wrong B*tch

Happy Gilmore is the second funniest golf comedy I’ve seen. Caddyshack will always be #1, but I really underestimated how funny Adam Sandler’s early work was. After going back to school in Billy Madison, it only made sense to see the other half of Happy Madison Productions. Happy Gilmore is a devoted ice hockey player with a short fuse that’s fitting for Sandler’s often loud shtick. When his loving grandmother’s house is foreclosed on, he makes it his mission to get her the money she needs.

I care about golf about as much as Happy Gilmore, but there’s no denying how great his long-drive is. Just like Billy Madison, I started to pick up on Sandler’s defining tropes. He’ll say something immature, end up with a hot woman, and usually plug a product (Subway in this case). Yet Happy’s hockey-like outbursts, swearing, and fights on a quiet golf course are just too hilarious not to laugh. Carl Weathers is also funny as a one handed former golf pro who teaches Happy everything he knows. Same with professional a-hole Christopher McDonald as the skeezy Shooter McGavin.

Happy’s public relations director Virginia Venit tries to clean up his act to better help him in his game with Shooter. There are unexpected guest actors like gentle giant Richard Kiel, but the best appearance will always be Bob Barker. His out of nowhere fight with Happy Gilmore was so funny it boosted the ratings of The Price is Right. Happy Gilmore may be rough around the wedges, but it’s just another example of Adam Sandler bringing comedy to even the most unlikely places.

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore vs. Bob Barker

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