Planet of the Mutants

The Omega Man (or The Ωmega Man) is the second adaptation of I Am Legend. This time the Richard Matheson novel is altered dramatically to fit the groovy 70’s. Resulting in a hoaky adaptation that’s more focused on action. I’ve known about The Omega Man for years since it was parodied on The Simpsons. The omega man is scientist Robert Neville. If he’s not in Biblical epics of the past, Charlton Heston is in the dystopian future. Only Heston can make a baron post-apocalyptic Los Angeles this entertaining.

Neville drives around with his firearm hunting the mutants that now plague the world. Instead of vampire-zombies, germ warfare started the global pandemic that either killed or turned humans into eloquent cloaked albino mutants with light sensitivity. Matthias is a zealot who leads his fellow mutants like a cult. In a lot of ways similar to Beneath the Planet of the Apes released one year prior. The battle between Neville and the mutants changes forever when he encounters more survivors.

Since this is very noticeably 70’s, Neville’s love interest is the black afro sporting Lisa. Member of a partially infected society that need his blood to create a vaccine. Neville agrees to help save Lisa’s brother and they start a passionate romance. The interracial kiss and implied love making was one of the first ever seen in a movie. Although Rosalind Cash was nervous about kissing Moses. Sadly, no I Am Legend scenario is ever that simple. Not even one with this much emphasis on survivors. The mutants snuff out Neville’s influence, but hope for the future is implied. The Omega Man brought style to the end of the world.

The Ωmega Man

Robert Neville takes aim at mutants

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