I Drink Your Milkshake!

There Will Be Blood struck oil in a big way. Hailed as one of the best films of the 21st Century, There Will Be Blood follows events from the 19th-20th Century oil boom. The story was a very loose adaptation of Oil! by Upton Sinclair. I have no interest in oil production, but I knew I needed to see the movie for Daniel Day-Lewis’ critically acclaimed performance. It was enough to earn Day-Lewis his second Academy Award for Best Actor. There Will Be Blood follows a prospector turned oil tycoon named Daniel Plainview.

Day-Lewis disappears in the role of a greedy oil rich man in search of more land. It’s his slow descent into madness that really lives up to the title. Plainview seems to care for his only son H. W., but it’s not long before he abandons his child and admits it was all a ploy to boost his image. Plainview is almost the embodiment of Mark 8:36. Since his struggle with faith repeatedly clashes with business partner Eli Sunday. Paul Dano deserved just as much appreciation for his dual performance as an exaggerated young preacher who has almost schoolyard confrontations with Plainview.

The most memorable part is the ending where a Plainview who’s officially descended into madness, taunts Eli with the out of nowhere line “I drink your milkshake!” The easiest way to understand how oil drilling works. I haven’t seen many Paul Thomas Anderson movies, but I wouldn’t argue that this is his finest work. Even with an extended runtime, the Best Picture nominated There Will Be Blood keeps you engaged with powerful scenery and an old fashioned score with sinister undertones. “I’m finished.”

There Will Be Blood

Daniel taunts Eli

4 thoughts on “I Drink Your Milkshake!

  1. Masterpiece! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant movie. Anderson’s best movie to date (Hard Eight, Phantom Thread and The Master are great too… Magnolia and Boogie Nights are good but not great… not a big fan of Punch-Drunk Love or Inherent Vice). Lewis is fantastic — I believe he is channeling John Huston (from Chinatown).

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