I Wanna Grow Old with You

The Wedding Singer is the best place to see Adam Sandler’s sentimental side. As well as his musical talent that he often shows off in most movies he stars in. Even when I wasn’t a Sandler fan, I knew I wanted to check out The Wedding Singer. Since I can’t say no to a good romantic comedy no matter who the leads are. This is the first of three rom-coms starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. They have really believable chemistry.

Sandler is the titular wedding singer that’s apparently the most undignified profession there is. Even though Robbie Hart is a nice guy who cares about his wedding attendants. When his fiancé stands him up on their wedding day, he falls into a deep depression. This is a surprisingly layered performance for Sandler. The comedy is there, but it’s much less in your face. Barrymore is the perpetually sweet wedding waitress Julia. She helps Robbie out of his romantic rut. Causing them to really connect and even share a meaningful practise kiss.

The problem is her rich unfaithful a-hole fiancé Glenn coming between them. Not sure what she sees in that guy. Several frustrating misunderstandings get in the way, but it’s nothing a mad dash to the airport followed by a grand declaration of love won’t fix. Robbie wins Julia’s heart by serenading her on an airplane with a little help from Billy Idol. The hilarious cameo is thanks to The Wedding Singer taking place in 1985. So expect plenty of 80’s era songs, big hair, and bright colors. The Wedding Singer puts its loving, wedding filled atmosphere to good use.

The Wedding Singer

The wedding singer

8 thoughts on “I Wanna Grow Old with You

  1. I remember Drew Barrymore being in a ton of movies around that time, and I absolutely loved her in this one! Adam Sandler was alright, too.

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