The End Will Be WCKD

Maze Runner: The Death Cure broke free from several trends seen in a YA dystopian world. Unlike every other Young Adult adaptation of a final book, The Death Cure thankfully wasn’t split into 2 parts. I guess Hollywood learned their lesson when Allegent bombed. Regardless of how The Death Cure turned out, at least it’s a complete story that doesn’t drag out events. The Maze Runner has its dedicated fans, but my brother remained the only one between us to see the trilogy in theaters. He just had to wait 3 years, because Dylan O’Brien’s on set car accident delayed production. The Death Cure is very long, but at least it wraps up a franchise I’m only a little invested in.

The three remaining Gladers: Thomas, Newt, and Frypan intend on rescuing Minho after he was captured by WCKD. The wicked organization targets them since their immunity may lead to a cure for the Flare virus. Thomas works with the rebel Right Arm group, as well as his Scorch Trials allies Jorge and Brenda, in order to infiltrate WCKD trains full of immune kids. Rosa Salazar grew her hair out and became a more likely love interest. Thomas is just hung up on Teresa after she betrayed them to work with WCKD. Their only hope of rescue is for them to sneak into the “Last City.” Literally the last functioning city ran by WCKD. It’s configured like a maze just so it has some ties to what came before.

Right Arm leader Vince is against their actions, but the horribly disfigured Lawrence helps them through. They’re joined on their mission by Gally, who somehow survived and turns out to be good. The epic finale takes Thomas, an infected Newt, and Gally inside the belly of the beast where Teresa explains her actions. The action is well executed with a “bus drop” being a highlight. SPOILER ALERT! Ava Paige tries to convince Thomas to sacrifice himself for a cure, but Janson reveals himself to be the true bad guy. A Crank Newt and a redeemed Teresa don’t survive, but there’s still hope for everyone else when a safe haven is established with Thomas’ cure. Maze Runner: The Death Cure concluded with a respectable thud that effectively ended YA franchises at least for now.

Maze Runner The Death Cure

Thomas sees the way

Preceded by: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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