Dead Man Walking

Weekend at Bernie’s kills me everytime. Of course your enjoyment depends on how twisted your sense of humor is. Weekend at Bernie’s is a black comedy about a pair of schmucks pretending their dead boss is still alive. Apart from a hilarious parody on The Simpsons, my mom was the one who brought the movie to my attention. The reaction she got from co-workers being told the plot was too comical to pass up seeing it for myself. You’d think a gimmick like this would be one note, but Weekend at Bernie’s is consistently funny throughout.

I guess it’s just the breezy 80’s atmosphere. Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman are a fun bumbling duo playing Larry and Richard respectfully. Richard is the responsible one with a crush on his co-worker Gwen and Larry is his irresponsible jokester best friend. They both work for an insurance company where they unknowingly discover their boss is embezzling money. Bernie Lomax is your typical wealthy douche bag, but he becomes a hilarious punching bag when his mob connections backfire on him.

Easiest money Terry Kiser ever made. All he does is play a corpse about 34 minutes into the movie. Larry and Richard take advantage of Bernie’s beachfront property by propping him up with sunglasses and moving him with strings. Sure it’s sick, but the physical comedy is gold. The situation just continues to escalate as the moochers and beach babes are none the wiser. The only thing keeping the plot going is Bernie’s killer continuously thinking he’s still alive. Weekend at Bernie’s is guaranteed to make you die laughing.

Weekend at Bernie's

Larry (right) and Richard (left) hang out with Bernie (corpse)

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10 thoughts on “Dead Man Walking

  1. Haha! I loved this film… bought an ex-rental copy from Global Video back in the day! I haven’t seen it in a very long time… and perhaps it’s time to revisit it!

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  2. “Breezy 80s atmosphere” says it all. You can’t make a movie like this today. We are too cynical and polarized a nation. We can’t let go of reality and move a stiff around the party. I’ve seen this thing over a dozen times, and I still laugh and enjoy the breezy 95 minutes fly by. Such brainless fun! Two likable idiots too 🙂

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