Good Morning, Angels

Charlie’s Angels has always been about women who kick ass and look good while doing it. The TV series is one of the sexiest, most iconic shows of the 1970’s. It coined the phrase “Jiggle TV,” and launched the career of every Angel on the show. Of course I couldn’t ignore a movie adaptation for long. I just never watched Charlie’s Angels (2000) when I was a kid or teenager. Unlike the multitude of other movies based on old TV shows made at the time, Charlie’s Angels (2000) was a continuation. Since the mysterious Charlie Townsend never changes, but the Angels are always different. So I at least watched the original pilot. The movie has far more stylized martial arts action, blatant double entendres, and the show’s sex appeal dialed way up. All 3 Angels are sexually charged with skimpy undercover outfits and any excuse to show skin (not that I’m complaining).

Charlie’s Angels is just like the show in how it portrays its new set of elite private investigators receiving a mission from Charlie through a speaker. John Forsythe’s voice and the Angels’ “Good morning, Charlie” was enough for me. The Angels are beautiful and have great chemistry thanks to the stars who play them. Cameron Diaz is Natalie Cook, the bubbly blonde Angel. Her hottest and most memorable scene is Natalie dancing in Spider-Man underwear. Drew Barrymore is Dylan Sanders, the alluring red-headed Angel. Her most badass scene is Dylan fighting in a chair. Barrymore was also a producer who chose director McG herself. Lucy Liu is Alex Munday, the tough Asian Angel. Her martial arts experience made the action feel all the more authentic in an over-the-top wire fu way.

Liu just wasn’t a fan of Bosley actor Bill Murray (no wonder she did Kill Bill). Their undercover mission involves a kidnapped software genius played by Sam Rockwell, his business partner played by Kelly Lynch, a cane wielding assailant called the “Thin Man” played by Crispin Glover, and an evil plan that goes straight to Charlie himself. The movie honors the show by keeping Charlie unseen, but benefits from crazier set pieces involving planes, race cars, and helicopters. Charlie’s Angels is very early 2000 with love interests played by Luke Wilson, Matt LeBlanc, and a very unfunny Tom Green. Plus a dated soundtrack that includes the awesome Destiny’s Child anthem “Independent Woman Part 1.” Charlie’s Angels is pure dumb fun in an attractive package.

1. Charlie's Angels

Charlie’s Angels prepare for action

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6 thoughts on “Good Morning, Angels

  1. This was actually a lot of fun I remember, a nice mix of action and comedy. I remember reading that Drew Barrymore was such a big fan of the series growing up, she actually purchased the copyright from Aaron Spelling. Lucy Liu was fantastic in her part, and Cameron Diaz proved to us all that blondes not only have more fun, they’re also smart, and can kick ass.

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