Tower of Death

Game of Death II has nothing to do with Bruce Lee. Despite using footage from Enter the Dragon, childhood home videos, and part of his funeral, this 1981 “sequel” is very much part of Bruceploitation. The death of the martial arts legend led to a series of imitators trying to be the next Bruce Lee. There was Bruce Li, Bruce Le, Bruce Lie, Bruce Ly, and so many more who never came close. Bruceploitation inspired several sequels to his older films, but only Game of Death II uses archive footage.

Although the English dub uses the name Billy Lo, there’s no connection between movies. Billy seeks answers for the death of his friend Chin Ku or something to that effect. I honestly stopped caring as soon as Bruce Lee’s character was killed and quickly replaced by a brother played by previous stand-in martial artist Tong Lung. Bobby Lo avenges his brother’s death at The Palace of Death. There are several larger than life villains and an overly long climax underground in the Tower of Death.

It’s not that I don’t have respect for other martial artists in the movie, but why should I care if Bruce Lee isn’t involved? The only time I gave my undivided attention was in a scene where a very naked blonde assailant seduces Bobby, then tries to kill him. Just as memorable is the ridiculous scene that follows it. Where Bobby is attacked by a guy in a clearly fake lion costume. Game of Death II is a less than inspired last ditch effort to profit from a long deceased legend.

6. Game of Death II

Bobby Lo faces an opponent

4 thoughts on “Tower of Death

  1. This was definitely taking things a bit too far for sure, they should’ve stopped after the first debacle. There was a Cantonese martial artist named Bruce Li who was pretty talented, and was seen by audiences as his own man and not just another of the Brucesploitation knock-offs.

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