I Don’t Want to Be the Bad Guy Anymore

Megamind asks the question, what if the bad guy won? Despite making a dramatic narrative shift with How to Train Your Dragon, DreamWorks Animation wasn’t done making satirical comedies. Megamind is a sincere superhero parody that was right up my ally. Since I’m a huge superhero fan, it didn’t matter that I was 15 at the time. I was excited as soon as I heard the concept. Although I did accidentally mistake a Despicable Me trailer for Megamind. Understandable considering both are 2010 computer animated movies about a theatrically comedic supervillain learning the value of being a hero. The difference is Despicable Me got a long running franchise, while Megamind was one and done. Apart from the short film The Button of Doom, Megamind is a seriously underrated superhero flick that deserves more attention. I really wish DreamWorks didn’t lose faith in straightforward comedies. The 3D computer animation is an improvement over Monsters vs. Aliens in some areas.

Megamind has tons of style and personality thanks to comedian Will Ferrell. He’s an “evil” blue supervillain with the giant head of the Leader, baldness of Lex Luthor, genius intellect of Brainiac, and showmanship of rocker Alice Cooper. On the opposing side is Brad Pitt’s second DreamWorks role after Sinbad as prototypical white caped Elvis inspired superhero Metro Man. He seems like a jerk at first, but their long-standing rivalry is purely circumstantial. Much like Superman, Megamind & Metro Man were both sent from exploding planets to two vastly different lifestyles. Megamind was raised as a villain in prison and Metro Man was raised as a hero in luxury. Although Megamind tries to be good, he realizes it’s a lot more fun to be bad. They engage in a typical battle of good vs. evil until Megamind unexpectedly wins. What does a villain do when he no longer has a hero to fight? Apparently he makes his own hero.

Megamind is fast-paced with an awesome 80’s rock soundtrack and a cast full of equally hilarious comedians. Fellow SNL alumni Tina Fey is just as good as the Lois Lane inspired reporter Roxanne Richie. She grows indifferent to being kidnapped over and over, but finds a new purpose when she unknowingly falls in love with a disguised Megamind. She helps him to be good and they become a cute DreamWorks couple. Apart from an invisible car, brainbots, and a dehydration gun, David Cross voices Megamind’s faithfully evil fish headed mechanical gorilla suit wearing Minion. Along with constantly mispronouncing words, their bumbling villainy is another highlight. Jonah Hill’s second DreamWorks role is as Roxanne’s dorky cameraman Hal Stewart. Named after two Green Lanterns. Megamind manages to synthesize Metro Man’s powers and they wind up in Hal. So he disguises himself as Marlon Brando’s Jor-El to make him Metro City’s newest superhero Tighten. In a clever twist, Tighten is the one who breaks bad, while Megamind is forced to become the good bad guy in an epic climax. Megamind is a cliché filled thrill ride that I can’t help but love.

19. Megamind

Megamind makes his arrival with Minion

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be the Bad Guy Anymore

  1. Aww yes, the “Spee-ider. One small bite from arachnis deathicus will paralyz—- AHH get it off get it off!!” 😂 Really enjoy this one, and the other Dreamworks animated movies you mention here. My gf and i always greet each other with “Ollo” Nice review!

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