Water & Power

Tank Girl just might be the weirdest movie adaptation of a comic I’ve never heard of. I’m pretty knowledgeable about comic book movies, but the 90’s really would adapt anything. Tank Girl was created in 1988 as an alternative anti-establishment British punk prone to sex & violence. Similar to Judge Dredd or Mad Max, Tank Girl is from a post-apocalyptic Australia where she drives around in a personalized tank. I understand the niche appeal, but her comic is a little too absurd and/or chaotic for my taste.

Although it understandably tanked hard at the box-office, Tank Girl earned a cult following for being a dumb fun, yet mostly faithful comic adaptation. Like Barb Wire with more grunge. Freddy’s Dead director Rachel Talalay worked closely with the creators, received creature effects from Stan Winston, and even got Courtney Love to do the soundtrack. Although she goes by Rebecca and isn’t British, Lori Petty is exactly who I’d imagine as Tank Girl. She’s annoyingly sarcastic, has most of her hair cut off, and wears almost every punk outfit she has in the comics.

Although it’s R rated, there’s not as much nudity as you’d expect. There’s a definite feminist slant to the comic and movie. Actual comic artwork and animation is used sporadically, but I think they just ran out of money. In the year 2033, water is controlled by the evil corporation Water & Power. Malcolm McDowell is the over-the-top villain Kesslee, actual Brit Naomi Watts plays her ally Jet Girl, and rapper Ice-T plays one of many bizzare humanoid kangaroo super-soldiers called Rippers. Including Tank Girl’s interspecies lover Booga. Tank Girl is as bad and/or ridiculous as it sounds, but I think that’s the point.

Tank Girl

Tank Girl with the Rippers

10 thoughts on “Water & Power

  1. Aww yes! You did it, you watched it 😆 Tank Girl is the most ridiculous movie, based on the most ridiculous raunchy comic ever 😄 It’s a fun ride, I love it.

    And (I think) part of the reason it flopped is the date of its release. It came out in theaters *the same day* as a little-known movie, you might have heard of it, called…

    Tommy Boy 🙂 When Chris Farley was at the height of his career!

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  2. I remember seeing this one time on Comedy Central due to its ultra campy status. The only scene I remember vividly is when Lori Petty is first caught by Malcolm McDowell’s goons and she spits in the one guy’s face and shouts “Here’s ya Water!” I think Tank Girl and Waterworld would make a great double bill as they’re both over the top, but still quite a fun time to have with.

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  3. This was a real favourite of mine. I know it wan’t a huge hit or even as highly thought of as it should be, but I reckon this still holds up pretty well.

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