Seasonal Super Team

Rise of the Guardians is a child’s dream come true. All of our favorite legendary childhood figures working together. Since DreamWorks Animation never gets old no matter how grown up I am, I was happy to see Rise of the Guardians. I just had a stronger opinion than usual. The Guardians of Childhood is a book series written by William Joyce and dedicated to his late daughter. The idea of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost fighting the Boogeyman sounds like fun. I just would’ve done things a little differently. Some character interpretations or designs are weird even for DreamWorks. Despite having a perfectly good book title, they went with the extremely generic Rise of the Guardians. That can literally refer to anything! Rise of the Guardians practically came and went. Apart from a video game, there were no short films, TV spin-offs, or sequels. It didn’t help that there was already another super team in 2012 getting all the hype. Nevertheless, Rise of the Guardians is a charming watch.

All Guardians are given a purpose by the Man in the Moon. Chris Pine predates Elsa by voicing the mischievous winter sprite Jack Frost. Someone I never thought about or believed in, but Frost is a fun loving lead who just wants to be seen by children. He’s the newest Guardian reluctant to join their team. Since I love Christmas so much, of course I believed in Santa Claus. Alec Baldwin voices a tough, but jolly Russian St. Nick called North who has “Naughty & Nice” tattoos, fierce reindeer pulling his sleigh, and carries swords. It’s certainly different, but it gets a few ho ho ho’s. North leads the team and helps Jack find his center. The North Pole is his base of operations where Yetis run his toy factory instead of dimwitted elves. I frankly never believed in the Easter Bunny or participated in many egg hunts. Hugh Jackman puts a unique Australian spin on Bunny. He’s like a blue furred kangaroo that creates burrows, carries boomerangs, and has a feud with Frost.

Since Easter is coming up, Bunny works hard to prepare his warren filled with walking eggs. I’ve always believed in the Tooth Fairy since I used to put my lost teeth under my pillow. Isla Fisher is a tooth obsessed humanoid hummingbird named Tooth who has her baby tooth fairies collect teeth filled with memories. Jack is especially interested in learning about his unexpectedly dark past. I cherish my childhood dreams, but I never believed in the Sandman. Sandy is depicted as a small, but silent sand communicating master of dreams. He’s the exact opposite of the nightmare of a villain Pitch Black voiced by Jude Law. I had many fears growing up, but the Boogeyman was never one of them. He also wants to be believed in, so Pitch sabotages the Guardians just to gain power. Kids are just as important to the story since they’re the ones giving the Guardians strength. Rise of the Guardians is imaginative with many twists and turns. The 3D computer animation is stylized, but also highly detailed with impressive snow and sand effects. Rise of the Guardians is a joyful Avengers for children.

23. Rise of the Guardians

The Guardians

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