Silence is Not Enough

A Quiet Place Part II threw all the rules out the window. A Quiet Place is one of the best original horror movies of the last decade, yet I never needed a sequel. John Krasinski didn’t want a sequel either, but he was eventually convinced to return. Unlike the first movie, I knew I wanted to risk seeing Part II with a possibly noisy audience. Until it was postponed a literal week before its 2020 release. Ironic considering how similar the vacant world of A Quiet Place is to the pandemic. Part II was more than worth the wait. Everything I feared ended up being perfect for the continuation. I didn’t want to know where the Death Angels came from, but the Day 1 opening sets the tone with pure chaos.

Despite being dead, Krasinski was able to appear as Lee thanks to the flashback. The Abbotts quickly figure out not to make noise and survive long enough to immediately follow the ending of the first movie. Emily Blunt is now even stronger as the widowed Evelyn. After learning the creature’s weakness, her family is able to leave their home to find civilization. Parenthood is still important, but now questions of saving humanity are just as important. Noah Jupe is mostly out of commision as Marcus after a horrific injury, their newborn baby requires an oxygen tank, and deaf actress Millicent Simmonds has a more substantial role as Regan.

The sequel is split in two sections with Regan using her cochlear implant in an attempt to locate a source of music. The cast is bigger with Cillian Murphy representing the cynicism of humanity as old family friend Emmett. Djimon Hounsou represents the hopefulness of humanity as a community leader who learned another of the creature’s weaknesses. Characters are able to talk a lot more with secure bunkers and isolated areas, but it’s no less terrifying to see the creatures attack. The ending is just as abrupt with another win for humanity that I’m now looking forward to seeing in action. A Quiet Place Part II gives more without losing its originality.

A Quiet Place Part II

Evelyn hides with her children

Preceded by: A Quiet Place

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