Axel F

Beverly Hills Cop solidified Eddie Murphy’s A-list status. 48 Hrs. may have been his big break, but Beverly Hills Cop is really the success he needed. Yet both buddy cop movies couldn’t be more different. Beverly Hills Cop is a major pop culture presence that became the highest grossing movie of 1984. Which is really saying something considering how big the year was. It was even nominated for several major awards. Winning the People’s Choice Award for Best Motion Picture and the Grammy for Best Score Soundtrack Album. For the longest time I never knew the iconic “Axel F” theme came from Beverly Hills Cop.

Mostly because it took me so long to see the movie. My expectations were high and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s not as laugh out loud hilarious as I was expecting, but this is witty action hero Eddie Murphy. The foul mouthed, street smart, loose cannon role of Axel Foley was originally meant for either Mickey Rourke or Sylvester Stallone. Stallone wanted a serious action film, but Murphy and the director Martin Brest lightened the mood. You can tell by Murphy’s fast talking improvisation and signature goofy laugh. The R rating was kept in tact with all the drugs, profanity, bloody shootouts, and impromptu strip club visits that made the 80’s great.

After a botched undercover mission, Detroit Detective Axel Foley uses his vacation time to investigate the murder of his friend Mikey. So he becomes a fish out of water to the straightlaced Beverly Hills cops. Although labeled a buddy cop flick, Foley has multiple allies. There’s his beautiful childhood friend Jenny, understanding police Lieutenant Bogomil, uptight Sergeant Taggart, and clueless Detective Rosewood. Judge Reinhold is the closest thing to an official co-star. On his own, Foley gets pushed around, thrown out a window, and uncovers a cocaine operation led by his friend’s killer Victor Maitland. Beverly Hills Cop strikes the right balance between humor and thrills.

Beverly Hills Cop

Axel Foley approves

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