Dirty Diaper

The Boss Baby: Family Business is no worse than the original Boss Baby. At this point I know what to expect from a more low effort DreamWorks Animation sequel. Most direct follow ups are just as good or better, but the bar was already pretty low. Family Business does have its moments like the original. It just wasn’t worth seeing it in theaters in a post-pandemic world. My brother and I paid for Peacock just to see it at home. I wasn’t looking forward to a sequel, but I knew it was inevitable after how the first movie ended. Similar to the book sequel The Bossier Baby, Family Business follows a female Boss Baby. Tim & Ted Templeton are grown ups as promised, but the movie does change a few things.

Anything from their childhood can be seen in the Netflix show Back in Business. Alec Baldwin is back, but Tobey Maguire wasn’t likely to return. He’s instead replaced by fellow Marvel superhero James Marsden. With Tim’s wife Carol being voiced by the hispanic Eva Longoria, their children Tabitha & Tina are both redesigned with mixed features. The computer animation is still simple and Tim is still imaginative, but his oldest daughter Tabitha is a typical smart girl growing up too fast. Ted is a CEO who showers his niece with money and honors his word to buy her a rambunctious pony. Now set during Christmas time, there’s conflict between the two brothers that can only be solved by doing the first movie all over again.

Amy Sedaris tries, but only the original Boss Baby can steal the show. Tina reveals herself to be a fellow Baby Corp worker with another important mission. She uses the magic pacifiers on her father and uncle, then turns them young again using the special formula. Except Marsden continues to voice his younger self. The new, but admittedly similar threat involves another villainous baby man. Jeff Goldblum is the intelligent Dr. Armstrong who plans to eliminate all grown ups at Tabitha’s advanced school. Tim bounds with his daughter, helps her sing “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out,” and bounds with his baby brother yet again. Just add more unnecessary baby butts and that’s The Boss Baby: Family Business.

38. The Boss Baby Family Business

Tina turns Ted and Tim young again

Preceded by: The Boss Baby

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