From Out of the Crypt

The Mummy’s Tomb is another slap dash sequel that’s barely 1 hour long. For some reason, the Mummy franchise was never given the same treatment as other Universal monster movies. The third installment was given to a B movie director who constantly cut corners. Even the picture quality is bad for a Universal production. Almost the entire climax of The Mummy’s Hand is reused for the opening. Dick Foran returns as an elderly Steve Banning who recaps everything we already know.

Except that the villainous Andoheb and undead mummy Kharis somehow survived being shot and burned. Turhan Bey plays Andoheb’s successor Mehemet Bey almost exactly like his former. Kharis is the same strong, but incredibly slow mummy he was before. Lon Chaney Jr. made Kharis his third monster after the Wolf Man and Frankenstein’s Monster. A role that limits him to only walking around in bandages.

Kharis is taken from Egypt to America where Bey sends him to kill the families of those who opened his tomb. Steve and his sister are killed, but John Hubbard takes their place as his son John Banning. Wallace Ford also returns as a less comedic Babe Hanson, but only with enough time to identify the monster. Elyse Knox plays another stock damsel named Isobel who gets carried away and chained up. Even Frankenstein gets ripped off when villagers burn down a house with the Mummy in it. The Mummy’s Tomb sealed the fate of the franchise.

20. The Mummy's Tomb

Mehemet Bey awakens Kharis

Preceded by: The Mummy’s Hand & Followed by: The Mummy’s Ghost

4 thoughts on “From Out of the Crypt

  1. I always wondered what Princess Ananka did that was so important that made her tomb sacrosanct to the priesthood of Amun-Ra that they’d send the Mummy Kharis to America to kill a whole bunch of people who could have easily outran him if they tried.

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