He Craves Blood

Son of Dracula is the lesser known descendant of Dracula. It was only the third installment in 7 years since Universal didn’t give the Dracula franchise as much attention as you might think. Even though the immortal vampire is one of their biggest icons. Much like Dracula’s Daughter, Count Dracula is replaced by one of his many children of the night. The story isn’t connected to Bram Stoker’s work and barely follows the continuity of the previous films. Lon Chaney Jr. was pretty much contractually obligated to play every Universal monster. Now he’s played the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, and Count Dracula.

The vampire’s name is actually Count Alucard, but that’s just Dracula spelled backwards. Chaney doesn’t wear makeup for the first time in any of his many monster movies. All he has is a mustache, slicked back hair, and the traditional cape. He does his best, but without an accent, all I see is Lon Chaney in a Dracula costume. Effects have advanced to the point of showing a vampire transform into a bat as well as mist. Son of Dracula is likely the first genuine vampire romance. Louise Allbritton plays lovely Southern belle Katherine Caldwell who becomes seduced by Alucard into marrying him. Evelyn Ankers only plays Kat’s sister Claire instead of a love interest.

The Southern plantation setting unfortunately means several uncomfortable depictions of black servants. Frank Stanley played by Robert Paige, goes mad thinking he killed his former lover Kat in an attempt to kill Alucard. Kat is instead turned into a vampire. The only people who know Alucard’s vampiric Transylvanian origin are Dr. Brewster and Professor Lazlo played by Frank Craven and frequent collaborator J. Edward Bromberg respectively. Alucard became the first vampire killed by sunlight. Kat meets a similar fate in her coffin. Son of Dracula isn’t enough to revive the long deceased vampire.

24. Son of Dracula

Count Alucard attacks Frank Stanley

Preceded by: Dracula’s Daughter & Followed by: House of Frankenstein

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