Insanity Unseen

The Invisible Man’s Revenge is nothing I haven’t seen before. The franchise is the most unique of the Universal monster movies. The Invisible Man focused on invisibility turning a man into a monster and The Invisible Man Returns used invisibility to tell a murder mystery. The much more experimental The Invisible Woman and Invisible Agent used invisibility to tell stories in the comedy and action genre. So it’s kind of strange that The Invisible Man’s Revenge reverts back to the original formula.

More confusing is Jon Hall playing a different Griffin after already playing one in Invisible Agent. Robert Griffin is an already insane man who escapes an insane asylum to get his revenge on those who wronged him. The wealthy Herrick family are blackmailed by Griffin, but they manage to get rid of him. His only ally becomes the bumbling cockney Herbert played by comedian Leon Errol. Unlike any of the other films, Griffin isn’t a scientist who creates an invisibility serum. The respectable John Carradine plays scientist Dr. Peter Drury who only managed to turn his pets invisible.

We haven’t seen an invisible dog before, but we have seen an invisible person so many times that it no longer feels special. The only impressive special effect is Griffin’s face being partially covered in powder. Other than that, it’s the same old bandage look with dark glasses. Plus an out of nowhere scene with invisible dart throwing. Robert wants to marry Julie played by Evelyn Ankers (without Lon Chaney Jr.). He manages to become visible by doing a blood transfusion, but it’s not enough to save his life. The Invisible Man’s Revenge is a modest effort that’s better left unseen.

25. The Invisible Man's Revenge

The Invisible Man threatens Dr. Drury

Preceded by: Invisible Agent

2 thoughts on “Insanity Unseen

  1. I’d only heard of the title prior to this, I thought it was purely just a generic addition after having run out of ideas. Looks like it’ll have its moments. John Carradine is always good in anything he does, even the clunkers in later years that were kinda beneath his talents.

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