Slow Moving Death

The Mummy’s Ghost has gotten extremely repetitive at this point. The picture quality is still bad, the story follows the same beats, and the Mummy does exactly what’s expected of him. Proving Universal’s continued lack of interest in the monster franchise. Yet The Mummy’s Ghost is still slightly better than The Mummy’s Tomb. At least the fourth installment doesn’t rely on archive footage to fill an hour runtime. That’s not saying much for what they did end up with.

George Zucco appears for the third and final time as High Priest Andoheb to pass his Egyptian knowledge onto yet another successor named Bey. At least the respectable John Carradine brings some class to Yousef Bey. You know the drill, tana leaves revive the mummy Kharis, he slowly takes out several important people, and a woman is kidnapped, but never becomes an immortal bride. Lon Chaney Jr. is still too wrapped up to show character, but Kharis does display some emotion. The setting is now a college town where students learn about the undead mummy.

The Mummy is ripped off again with another modern Egyptian woman as a reincarnated princess. The exotic looking Ramsay Ames plays college student Amina Mansori who’s really Princess Ananka. The more she faints, the faster her hair turns white. Robert Lowery plays her swell boyfriend Tom who desperately tries to save her, but the ending is more somber than expected. The Mummy takes his princess into the swamp where they’re never seen again? The Mummy’s Ghost is a mostly pale reflection of a dying franchise.

26. The Mummy's Ghost

Kharis lunges

Preceded by: The Mummy’s Tomb & Followed by: The Mummy’s Curse

4 thoughts on “Slow Moving Death

  1. I enjoyed this one quite a bit actually. John Carradine was great as the villainous Priest who eventually suffers pangs of conscious, one of his much better and solid Universal appearances. Lon Chaney Jr. does get little to do, but he does do the best with what he has. The ending still surprises people now who haven’t seen it before, from 1944 to now it’s still effective.

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