The Curse of the Allenbys

She-Wolf of London has nothing to do with Werewolf of London, and even less to do with The Wolf Man. It’s not explicitly part of the Universal monsters lineup, but its inclusion in the Wolf Man collection box set was good enough for me. Even though I knew nothing about the movie. She-Wolf of London deals with werewolves, but not the way you think. A young June Lockhart plays wealthy London heiress Phyllis Allenby.

She hopes to marry Barry Lanfield played by Don Porter, but everything goes wrong when a string of murders happen nearby. Scotland Yard detectives are convinced it’s a female werewolf. Phyllis lives with three other women. Her caring cousin Carol, mysterious gaslighting Aunt Martha, and observant maid Hannah. Along with a handful of dogs that bark every night. Martha convinces Phyllis that the family “curse of the Allenbys” means she’s the She-Wolf that comes out at night.

She-Wolf of London is different from other monster movies. It’s more of a mystery with an obvious outcome. I was immediately suspicious when I couldn’t find a single photo of the alleged Wolf Woman. Monster fans were no doubt disappointed to know there is no She-Wolf. The title is more false advertisement that was clearly chosen to sell the picture better. She-Wolf of London earns points for atmosphere, but it’s a deceptive waste of horror.

30. She-Wolf of London

Phyllis Allenby examines her hands

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