The Shape of Horror

The Creature Walks Among Us is the unceremonious end of the classic Universal monster movies. A three decade long rollercoaster that ranges from top-notch horror to slap dash B movies. The Creature Walks Among Us falls comfortably in the latter category. The Creature from the Black Lagoon trilogy was completed in 3 years, but only Revenge of the Creature retained the quality of the original. Director Jack Arnold moved on to better films and Universal-International wasn’t concerned with quality. The Gill-Man is once again alive and pursued by another team of scientists.

I’m pretty sure underwater scenes with the Creature are reused since he only directly interacts with other characters once. Don Megowan replaces the previous land actor, but Ricou Browning consistently swam throughout the entire trilogy. New characters are even more shallow in comparison to the original. Jeff Morrow plays paranoid scientist Dr. William Barton who has the crazy idea to bridge the gap between human and fish. Rex Reason is the more reasonable scientist Dr. Thomas Morgan. 

Leigh Snowden is the latest beautiful blonde Marcia. She’s Barton’s carefree wife with an infidelity subplot given more attention than the monster. Gregg Palmer continually makes passes at Marcia as guide Jed Grant. The Creature is forever ruined by a procedure that makes him more human. A lazy decision that replaces his intricate scales with clothes and a cheap rubber mask. It’s so ridiculous that I couldn’t take him attempting to fit into society seriously. The air breathing Gill-Man is last seen heading for the water, never to be seen again. The Creature Walks Among Us was dead in the water.

36. The Creature Walks Among Us

The Creature walking among us

Preceded by: Revenge of the Creature

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