Wildest Dreams

Spirit Untamed took a forgotten DreamWorks Animation property and made it cliché. Although I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron when I was a kid, it was never a personal favorite. I mostly respected its mature storyline and decision to focus on an ordinary horse. Since traditionally animated DreamWorks films are long gone, a computer animated Netflix series sprang up 15 years later. I knew Spirit Riding Free was popular with young girls, but I didn’t think that warranted a theatrical movie.

Even though Spirit Untamed is only loosely connected to the series and has almost nothing to do with the 2002 original. Spirit Untamed feels completely pointless with unimpressive computer animation, childish humor, and a stereotypical “girl and her horse” premise. Not even proven newcomers like Isabela Merced, Marsai Martin, Mckenna Grace or name actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore, or Andre Braugher can elevate it. It’s still set in the Wild West, but Spirit’s internal Matt Damon monologue is removed.

Instead Hispanic youth Lucky is a typical rebellious kid who wants to ride horses like her late mother. She leaves her aristocratic lifestyle for the rustic Western town Miradero. Lucky befriends the ethnically diverse Pru and Abigail, her absentee father disapproves of her riding, and that’s about how deep things get. Lucky rides with her pals to rescue Spirit’s herd from stock horse wranglers. Apart from not hearing his thoughts, Spirit is the same unbroken horse he was before. Which isn’t enough to make Spirit Untamed a welcomed return.

Spirit Untamed

Lucky befriends Spirit

Spin-Off of: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

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