Going Extinct

Ice Age: Collision Course is when the franchise finally went extinct. With the exception of shorts and specials, it almost seemed like Blue Sky Studios was done making Ice Age movies. Three movies were released between Continental Drift and Collision Course instead of one. Since I was 21 at the time, I was officially done with the franchise. Marking the only Ice Age movie I didn’t see in theaters (and for good reason). Collision Course is an awful unfunny fall from grace that doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention all the cringey pop culture references. As I said in my Ice Age review, every sequel is in some way inspired by the ice cave sequence from the first movie. Piranhas are briefly featured in The Meltdown, dinosaurs are prominently featured in Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and the sloth evolution can be interpreted as Sid’s family in Continental Drift.

The final frozen object was a flying saucer that was clearly meant as a one off joke, not an entire movie! Collision Course tries to sound smart with voices like Neil deGrasse Tyson, but the plot abandons what little logic the franchise had left. Scrat’s entire acorn chasing subplot involves him finding a flying saucer, launching into space, accidentally creating the solar system, and sending a meteor hurtling towards Earth. The herd seems to get bigger with every passing film. Now including Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Peaches, Granny, and Shira. Manny and Ellie are concerned with Peaches leaving the herd with her goofy fiancée Julian voiced by Adam DeVine. Diego and Shira briefly discuss having cubs. Sid finally finds love, but it’s more rushed than any of the other romances.

Crash and Eddie continue to be stupid, while Granny continues to annoy everyone. Louis isn’t even mentioned, but Buck unfortunately returns to be just as insufferable. He leaves the lost world to help the herd prevent their apocalypse. Aside from being chased by three forgettable flying dinosaur villains, the herd faces meteor showers, a ridiculous electrical storm, and discover a geode palace full of immortal animals. Remember when the first movie was about returning a baby? Jesse Tyler Ferguson voices the irritating yoga obsessed Shangri Llama and Jessie J continues the singer tradition of voicing Sid’s bubbly love interest Brooke. I couldn’t even bring myself to care whether the herd survived yet another world ending event. Ice Age: Collision Course is like an asteroid that explodes upon impact.

12. Ice Age Collision Course

Scrat in space with his acorn

Preceded by: Ice Age: Continental Drift

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