It’s on in the Amazon

Rio 2 left me feeling very blue. It’s no secret that Blue Sky Animation puts most of its energy into making Ice Age movies. Rio 2 is literally the only non-Ice Age sequel in the companies short history. No wonder it’s one of the worst. While Rio is lively entertainment for all ages, Rio 2 is borderline unwatchable. Most Ice Age sequels are worse, but Rio 2 is just as bad. The entire plot of the first movie is made utterly pointless when it’s discovered a whole flock of blue macaws are living in the Amazon.

Blu can fly now, but he’s dumped on most of the movie for being too domesticated. Jewel is more overbearing and mostly concerned with going back to the wild. Their three children Carla, Tiago, and Bia are a stock rebellious teen, mischievous boy, and smart girl. The entire voice cast returns, but Rafael, Nico, Pedro, and Luiz don’t do much other than tag along. The sequel’s plot is needlessly complicated with several cliché storylines. Blu tries to impress his tough father-in-law Eduardo voiced by Andy Garcia, while singer Bruno Mars voices the other much cooler macaw Roberto who makes him jealous.

Rita Moreno is also wasted as Jewel’s aunt. Nigel is back just to get revenge on Blu for clipping his wings. He teams up with an anteater and Kristin Chenoweth as love sick scenery chewing poison dart frog Gabi. There’s also a South American Idol competition and game of bird football, but the most cliché plotpoint involves evil loggers trying to chop down the rainforest. I completely forgot everything involving Tulio and Linda. The computer animation is vibrant and beautiful, but the music is more grating than fun. Rio 2 killed the party for me.

10. Rio 2

Jewel introduces Roberto to Blu

Preceded by: Rio

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