The Present of Parents

Four Christmases tries to bring people together in time for Christmas, but it only succeeds in tearing them apart. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a mostly convincing couple. Although they didn’t get along on set since he’s more off the cuff and she sticks to the script. Brad & Kate are the kind of couple that never wants to get married or have kids. Not my favorite kind of people, but to each his own. They each belong to divorced families that they purposefully avoid seeing in order to take exotic trips. Until they get caught in their lie on live TV.

Four Christmases refers to each house they have to visit on Christmas day. Robert Duvall is Brad’s father who’s comfortable being poor. The rest of his family are stereotypical hillbillies that like to rough house. Mary Steenburgen is Kate’s new aged mother who’s seeing a pastor. The rest of her family are mostly women who like to tell embarrassing stories. Their story goes on a while with a whole Nativity play in between.

Sissy Spacek is Brad’s mother who’s awkwardly dating Brad’s childhood best friend. Jon Voight is Kate’s father who’s the only normal parent of the bunch. Not to mention their siblings played by other name actors like Jon Favreau, Kristin Chenoweth, and Tim McGraw. I got some amusement out of the cast and hijinks that ensue, but it’s a bit too cynical for me. Brad & Kate didn’t win me over with their alternative views, but even I couldn’t root for them when they start drifting apart. The rushed happy ending doesn’t make Four Christmases a tradition I want to endure again.

Four Christmases

Brad reacts to Kate’s nephew spitting up on her

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