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The Matrix Resurrections is a major glitch in the Matrix. The Matrix is an action sci-fi masterpiece, The Matrix Reloaded is hit or miss, and The Matrix Revolutions is a complete mess. Even though the trilogy was completed 18 years ago, Warner Bros. continued to pester the Wachowskis about making a 4th installment. They always said no, but all that changed when they lost their parents. Lana Wachowski became the sole director who wanted to resurrect Neo and Trinity. Nothing will ever top the original, but the “White Rabbit” trailer seemed promising. I was wrong of course. Resurrections is a little better than the 3rd installment, except it has the same problems as both Reloaded and Revolutions. It’s overly long, talk heavy, and so boring at times I nearly fell asleep. Not that another Matrix movie isn’t just as relevant as it was back then (especially in the age of the Pandemic). The greatest crime is a serious lack of boundary pushing action. Even the weaker Matrix movies had stand out set pieces that used “bullet time” in an inventive way. Resurrections is just repetitive and awkward.

Neo is plugged back into the Matrix as video game developer Thomas Anderson who literally designed the Matrix trilogy. The other movies had humor, but Resurrections is way too meta and on the nose. We’re constantly reminded about the trilogy through archive footage and callbacks. Keanu Reeves’ popularity only grew in the years since The Matrix. While he does feel like Neo, I really wish he didn’t look like John Wick. Having both 4th installments released on the same day would’ve been cool nonetheless. Neo is force fed blue pills and manipulated by his therapist played by an over-the-top Neil Patrick Harris. Trinity is also stuck in the Matrix with no memory of who she is. Carrie-Anne Moss was more relevant on TV and in video games, but I’m glad Trinity was finally given the respect she deserved. In some ways, Resurrections is a better love story than an action movie.

Machines are given unusual redesigns, some characters return, but most are recast. Only sequel actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Lambert Wilson return as Niobe and the Merovingian respectively. Sati, the Indian girl from Revolutions is recast with Priyanka Chopra. That’s not as uncomfortable as Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving being replaced by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jonathan Groff respectively. The explanation is that these are rebooted versions of Morpheus and Agent Smith, but both performances are overly eccentric. Even Jessica Henwick’s blue haired white rabbit sporting Bugs feels like a discount Trinity. Resurrections knowingly checks off all the boxes from the original. Neo is unplugged, practices kung fu, and fights a bunch of agents. Neo being unable to fly is insulting, but I’m not sure why he practically uses the force. The twist didn’t surprise me too much. The Matrix Resurrections is a red pill I never needed to take.

The Matrix Resurrections

Neo saves Trinity

Preceded by: The Matrix Revolutions

8 thoughts on “Free Your Mind

  1. I went ahead and watched this once it hit HBO Max, thinking I’d want to get a head start in trying to figure out what is going on before taking time to see it on the big screen. But then I decided I don’t really care enough to see it on the big screen. Which is disappointing because the first movie is top three of all time for me. I need to watch through this one again before I really form an opinion on it, though. Right now I mostly feel meh…

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