No Dogs Allowed

Snoopy Come Home gave the spotlight to Charlie Brown’s beloved pet beagle. Snoopy is every bit the icon that his owner is. Peanuts fans love his smart yet mischievous nature and independent spirit. Since A Boy Named Charlie Brown was such a success, Snoopy Come Home soon followed. This time Charles M. Schulz wanted a more cinematic feel. The first movie admittedly felt like an extended special. While the animation is still simple, backgrounds feel more immersive.

Another change was music from the Sherman Brothers instead of the usual Vince Guaraldi. Most songs feel a bit more Disneyfied than usual. Although it takes further advantage of the medium, Snoopy Come Home was sadly a box-office bomb. The story is very sentimental with Snoopy leaving home to visit his sick former owner Lila. Charlie Brown blames himself for his dog running away. Linus, Lucy, and Peppermint Patty all have shared mishaps that make them doubt if he’ll ever return.

Joining Snoopy for the first time on-screen is his faithful bird sidekick Woodstock. Together they endure the elements, a pet crazed kid, and near constant “No Dogs Allowed” signs. Snoopy nearly chooses to stay with Lila, but let’s just say a problem becomes the solution. Even though Snoopy’s tearful farewell is played for laughs, Charlie Brown almost saying goodbye to his best friend is very relatable. Snoopy Come Home is the best kind of “boy and his dog” story.

2. Snoopy, Come Home

Snoopy and Woodstock hitchhike

Preceded by: A Boy Named Charlie Brown & Followed by: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

2 thoughts on “No Dogs Allowed

  1. I remember seeing parts of this long ago and not thinking much of it, thinking it went for too much sentimentality. I liked Snoopy getting the spotlight, but I don’t know if the Peanuts-verse is right for the tearjerker story.

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