With his All-Girl Army of Kung Fu Killers

Dolemite is out of sight. I haven’t seen much Blaxploitation outside of Shaft and Foxy Brown. Dolemite is a name I have heard through the grapevine. Comedian Rudy Ray Moore turned the character into something of an urban legend that he used for his stand-up comedy routines. Moore worked hard to bring Dolemite to the big screen if it meant paying for most of the movie himself. The professional D’Urville Martin directs and plays the villain (but that’s a story for another review).

Dolemite is a tough black pimp recently released from prison. Dolemite fights a never ending battle against corrupt cops, rival nightclub owner Willie Green, and drug traffickers. Fortunately he’s got fellow pimp Queen Bee, a righteous preacher, the FBI, and a band of black & white kung fu prostitutes on his side. Dolemite himself does stand out thanks to his unexplained kung fu skills and spoken word poems that earned Moore the nickname “Godfather of Rap.”

Like almost all Blaxploitation flicks, Dolemite is loaded with drugs, violence, frequent profanity, and casual sex scenes. It’s technically a comedy, but I wasn’t sure when to laugh. I guess it’s the story that you shouldn’t take too seriously, because it’s so bad. It gets rough on the mean streets, but it’s nothing Dolemite can’t handle. Though I couldn’t help but compare it to the superior Shaft, Dolemite has a name all its own.


Dolemite and his girls

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9 thoughts on “With his All-Girl Army of Kung Fu Killers

  1. There are points in this movie when Rudy Ray Moore, clearly high as a kite, delivers entire lines of dialogue with his eyes closed.

    Did you notice early in the film when Moore kicks one character and the character falls sideways into the car trunk?

    This movie is bad but has a strange charm to it.

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  2. I was surprised to learn Rudy Ray Moore was a stand up comedian at the time he made these movies, from the stills I saw of the Dolemite films he came off as a bad-ass in the vein of Richard Roundtree and Fred “The Hammer” Williams, caught me totally by surprise he could give out the laughs.

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