Chubby Rain

Bowfinger showcases the ups and downs of filmmaking through a comedic lense. It’s yet another underrated movie within a movie that my mom recommended. Bowfinger is a cross between The Producers and Ed Wood directed by Frank Oz. Bobby Bowfinger is an optimistic B movie producer with dreams of directing his own hit film. So he comes up with a convoluted plan to film the ridiculously titled alien movie Chubby Rain with the hottest action star in Hollywood. The only catch is that actor Kit Ramsey has no idea he’s being filmed.

Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy are an unlikely comedic duo who do what they do best. Martin’s Bowfinger is determined, a little sleazy, but genuinely loves making movies. He’s supported by a motley crew of outcasts with their own hopes and dreams. There’s a loyal young actor, his accountant/screenwriter, an aging thespian played by Christine Baranski, cameraman played by Jamie Kennedy, and a whole crew of illegal immigrants. Heather Graham stands out the most as aspiring actress Daisy who literally sleeps with everyone on set to further her career.

Robert Downey Jr. has a brief but memorable role as a top Universal executive that Bowfinger tricks into making the movie with Ramsey. Murphy has a dual role satirizing himself as an overconfident, yet paranoid star who falls into Scientolo- I mean a totally fictional organization called MindHead. Terence Stamp is the perfect cult leader. Murphy is even funnier as Kit’s nerdy twin brother Jiff who stands in for him when they get desperate. His reaction to Daisy getting naked and running into heavy traffic are the funniest scenes in the movie. Bowfinger is for anyone who ever dreamed of making a movie. “Gotcha suckers!”


Bobby Bowfinger hires Jiff Ramsey

10 thoughts on “Chubby Rain

  1. Lol “Gotcha suckers!” I love this movie, and I think it’s a good example of situational humor – If you wanna make audience laugh, a ridiculous scheming plot like this helps to start with. I agree with your funniest scenes too haha

    ☝️Also The ending “Secret Agent Man” kung fu scene

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  2. I remember this being advertised like crazy as a kid, and always saw a poster of it in VHS rental stores. Surprisingly I never had a desire to see it, even with me liking both Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy a lot. I know they released the original R rated cut in the last few years on Blu Ray, apparently the producers wanted the film to have a wider audience and cut a few raunchier moments out.

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