CODA is powerful beyond words. First premiering at Sundance, CODA was a true underdog that nobody expected to win Best Picture. I’m so glad it won, because CODA is honestly one of the most deserving Best Picture winners I’ve seen in a long time. Although I was adamant about never getting Apple TV+, it was worth the experience. Beating Netflix to become the first streaming service to win the Academy Award. Similar to The Departed, CODA is technically an American remake of a French-Belgium film called La Famille Bรฉlier. CODA stands for child of deaf adults. Ruby is the only hearing child of her deaf family. Director Sian Heder worked extensively with the deaf community in order to get the story right. Winning a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for her effort.

Marlee Matlin was a major contributor who threatened to leave if deaf actors weren’t cast. Matlin plays Ruby’s commanding mother Jackie, Daniel Durant plays Ruby’s determined brother Leo, and Troy Kotsur plays Ruby’s embarrassing father Frank. Kotsur is so funny and passionate without saying a word. Winning Best Supporting Actor brought things full circle since Matlin was the first deaf actress to win an Oscar with Children of a Lesser God. The Rossi family may be deaf, but they’re sexually active proud business owners who stick together no matter what. Unlike La Famille Bรฉlier, the Rossi’s are fishermen instead of farmers. The open waters are gorgeous even on a TV screen. Ruby is expected to be her families interpreter, but she just wants to live her own life. She discovers a passion for music that her parents will never fully understand.

CODA is a fairly simple coming-of-age story with the horny best friend, mean girls, a charming crush, and that one extra supportive teacher who pushes the main character. Emilia Jones elevates everything with her beautiful singing voice. She had to take vocal lessons and American sign language lessons just for the movie. Although they have trouble letting go, Ruby’s family comes to support her. Most of CODA is surprisingly hilarious, but I had to cry when Ruby sang for her father. Just as emotional is Ruby signing “Both Sides Now” for her family near the end. I actually think I prefer Emilia Jones’ cover over the original. CODA is a story I’ve heard before, but I love it all the more for telling it. ๐ŸคŸ


Ruby signs “I really love you” to her family

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  1. Love Marlee Matlin! I missed seeing her do Disney’s Christmas Nativity at Epcot by a day or two a couple of years ago, it would’ve been cool to see her rendering. I’ve heard of CODA before, and while I tend to sly away from tearjerker films, I might give this one a chance at some point, as it’s a story we all can relate to at one point or another. The Silent Film icon Lon Chaney was also the child of deaf parents, and learning to use his hands, face, and body movements to communicate with his parents served him well when he became an actor.

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