Failure is Not an Option

G.I. Jane gets the job done. Believe it or not, I’ve been meaning to watch and review G.I. Jane for over 3 years. So the recent attention the movie’s gotten is purely a coincidence. For one reason or another, it’s always been on my radar. I think I was drawn to the idea of a female soldier proving herself in the military. Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil is hand selected by female Senator Lillian DeHaven to prove women can handle basic training and combat in the U.S. Navy.

Demi Moore put herself through hell by putting on muscle and infamously shaving her head for the part. O’Neil’s training is rough, but she doesn’t want any special treatment or to be the poster child for women’s rights. It’s actually kind of inspirational. Especially when she wins the respect of her ruthless Master Chief played by Viggo Mortensen. Ridley Scott is no stranger to girl power after directing something like Thelma & Louise. Despite his direction, G.I. Jane drew a mixed reaction.

Demi Moore won the Razzie for Worst Actress, but I think she was unfairly treated after Striptease. Though they do find an excuse to get her naked. I honestly think G.I. Jane deserves a reevaluation, because it’s actually a pretty solid action movie. The feminist message isn’t too heavy handed and Moore gives it her all. I guess my only complaint would be the confusing direction Anne Bancroft’s Senator takes and the way Scott shot some of the war scenes. All I can say is G.I. Jane isn’t worth a slap in the face.

G.I. Jane

Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil falls in

8 thoughts on “Failure is Not an Option

  1. Demi Moore is a highly underrated actress in my opinion; she’s had her clunkers like everyone else, but I think she gives her all even in the clunkers. I remember reading about her going through the paces to prepare for the part, gotta admire her dedication, even the head shaving. G.I. Jane definitely deserves re-evaluation.

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