Would You Like to Swing on a Star

Going My Way is the right way to go. Singer Bing Crosby was a big star in the 1940’s with hits like Holiday Inn. Not only did Going My Way win Best Picture, Crosby also won Best Actor for his portrayal of Father Chuck O’Malley. The charming young priest was practically tailor-made for Crosby. Father O’Malley is an unconventional priest who plays golf, attends sporting events, and sings his own songs. “Going my way” is his motto for bringing joyful noise to the gospel. Going My Way centers around Father O’Malley joining a struggling parish and having a positive effect on the people around him.

Though most of the subplots feel disconnected until the end. His primary relationship is between the much older church pastor Father Fitzgibbon. O’Malley and Fitzgibbon couldn’t be more different, but they develop a mutual understanding. Barry Fitzgerald is arguably a co-lead, but in the end he’s more of a supporting player. The Academy didn’t see it that way since he was both nominated for Best Actor and won Best Supporting Actor. Leo McCarey did win multiple awards for Best Director and Best Original Motion Picture Story on top of Best Picture.

O’Malley’s other relationships include his equally laid back colleague Father O’Dowd, opera singing former flame Jenny, young aspiring singer Carol, father & son mortgage handlers, and a group of troubled youths that he transforms into a boys choir. Going My Way won Best Screenplay, but it’s the music that stands out. Crosby’s smooth crooning vocals are great for familiar songs and originals like “The Day After Forever,” the titular “Going My Way,” and catchy Best Original Song winning “Swinging on a Star.” Father O’Malley leaves when his job is done, but his mission continues in The Bells of St. Mary’s. I’ll look at the sequel at a later date since I had no idea it existed despite its equal acclaim. Going My Way is just a bit more worthy of praise.

Going My Way

“Would you like to swing on a star”

Followed by: The Bells of St. Mary’s

4 thoughts on “Would You Like to Swing on a Star

  1. Even though Bing Crosby has a mixed reputation to a lot of people, I gotta admit I wish there were more priests like Father O’Malley, he was really good in the role. This is one of the few films that the ending brought a tear to my Dad’s eye, he was so touched by it when he first saw it.

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