Daddy, Would You Like Some Sausage?

Freddy Got Fingered is an unfunny comedian acting like an idiot for 87 torturous minutes. It’s easily one of the worst movies ever made with a title that I never want to say out loud. Freddy Got Fingered was panned by critics, bombed at the box-office, and won 5 out of 8 Razzies including Worst Picture. Aside from Worst Screenplay, most of the awards were personally accepted by the movie’s star & director Tom Green. In the early 2000’s, Tom Green was an obnoxious comedian who relied on shocking gross-out humor. For some reason he was given his own movie. Freddy Got Fingered is about an idiotic manchild named Gord who wants to be a cartoonist. A plot that’s quickly abandoned until the last minute when his stupid looking animated show Zebras in America gets greenlit.

Some of the movie is Gord’s abusive hot-headed father having enough of his childish antics. They dragged poor Rip Torn into this along with Julie Hagerty, Anthony Michael Hall, and Drew Barrymore. Although Barrymore was more willingly involved since she was crazy enough to marry Green at the time. His actual love interest is the wheelchair-bound Betty played by Marisa Coughlan who gets turned on by leg pain. The title doesn’t even come until the third act when Gord accuses his father of touching his brother Freddy. Paul Finch himself Eddie Kaye Thomas is barely in the movie as the title character. The infamous “Daddy, would you like some sausage?” scene has nothing to do with the title.

Most of the movie is filled with the most disgusting, mean-spirited, and offensive “jokes” imaginable. Tom Green won Worst Actor, Director, and Screen Couple for “Any animal he abuses.” For no reason at all, Green “handles” a horse, an elephant, and a wears a dead deer carcass. He also swings around a newborn baby by the umbilical cord and licks Harland Williams’ open leg wound. Plus there’s a child who gets injured in every scene he’s in. Yet Freddy Got Fingered still didn’t receive an NC-17. There’s literally no line Green won’t cross, and I know that was 100% intentional. Green technically succeeded in making a truly awful movie, but I’m not one of those weirdos who thinks it’s a secret masterpiece. Freddy Got Fingered is not for the faint of heart.

Freddy Got Fingered

“Daddy, would you like some sausage?”

2 thoughts on “Daddy, Would You Like Some Sausage?

  1. Never thought Tom Green was funny, but because he’s a Testicular Cancer survivor I won’t say anything bad about him. I’ll admit he was a lot better in the 2000 version of Charlie’s Angels and Road Trip. According to the IMDb’s trivia, the film actually was initially rated NC-17, there was a lot more stuff Green intended to film but decided not use and there was material he cut out after the preview screening. How he got away with the R rating even after the changes is beyond me. That Rip Torn played Green’s crazy Dad feels like a low point in the actor’s career.

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