…Pick a Side

The Break-Up is about as funny as an actual break up. Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are capable leads with good chemistry who have done well in other romantic comedies, but director Peyton Reed can only do so much with the premise. Gary and Brooke live in Chicago and meet at a Cubs game. Gary is a tour guide and Brooke works in a gallery. Although Gary pursues Brooke a little too insistently, they do seem to have a healthy relationship.

Until their first fight that you’ll have to get used to. All the constant passive-aggression makes for an unpleasant viewing experience. Gary and Brooke’s families are polar opposites who go really over-the-top in a cringy dinner scene. Of course Jon Favreau plays Gary’s best friend, but there’s also Jason Bateman as a realtor who helps them work through their break up. Since they share an apartment, Gary and Brooke become contentious roommates who do whatever they can to hurt the other.

Brooke goes on dates with good looking guys and walks around naked just to make him jealous. Aniston’s PG-13 nude debut is worth some attention. Meanwhile, Gary continues to play video games, invite his friends over, and even hire strippers. Nobody looks good in this scenario, but I did find some of the jokes amusing. As long as it wasn’t mean spirited. They try to have an emotionally satisfying happy ending, but by the end I just didn’t care if they got back together or not. The Break-Up breaks too many rules to be satisfying.

The Break-Up

Gary and Brooke separate

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