His Big Day is Her Big Problem

The Wedding Planner isn’t the magical experience it should be. It’s the debut film from the mostly comedic director Adam Shankman. At least 2 different couples were cast before settling on Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brendan Fraser would’ve dated the movie even more in the 2000’s. As would Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr, but at least they have guaranteed chemistry. This was the first rom-com from J.Lo and McConaughey and their chemistry is sorely lacking.

J.Lo is the titular wedding planner named Mary (because of course) who leads a boring life despite the romantic nature of her job. Her Italian father wants her to marry the persistent Massimo played by an Italian Justin Chambers. The Wedding Planner is full of rom-com clichés like Judy Greer as Mary’s quirky co-worker or the improbable meet cute that brings the leads together. This time it’s Mary being rescued from a runaway dumpster. McConaughey is smooth Doctor Steve who almost kisses Mary in the rain on a romantic date.

I didn’t see the twist coming, but I should’ve figured Steve was the groom in Mary’s next big wedding. Bridgette Wilson plays wealthy heiress Fran who’s engaged to Steve. The revelation makes Steve look bad and it doesn’t get better knowing he’ll end up with Mary in the end. Mostly because Massimo and Fran aren’t stereotypically bad alternatives. Steve and Mary fall in love over the course of her wedding planning and end up stopping 2 weddings at the same time. The Wedding Planner has attractive leads, but not enough originality to tell a convincing romance.

The Wedding Planner

Steve rescues Mary

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