On My Way

Marry Me is easy to say yes to. Months before her marriage to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez got married in a very unlikely rom-com. Marry Me brings together a pop superstar and an ordinary math teacher. When her high profile on-stage wedding goes wrong, she chooses to marry a random guy holding a “Marry Me” sign. Believe it or not, Marry Me is actually based on an online graphic novel. The highly improbable plot is the same, but the cast makes it different. Kat Valdez is basically J.Lo since she’s already a guaranteed pop icon who can act.

Not only is Marry Me pretty to look at, J.Lo put a lot of effort into writing catchy original songs for the movie. Some of which were recorded with fellow Latin singer Maluma. He plays her intended fianceé and fellow singer Bastian who gets caught cheating. Although they seemed like the perfect Spanish power couple, J.Lo has a surprising amount of chemistry with Owen Wilson. Charlie Gilbert is just a boring math teacher and single father to his daughter Lou.

A tolerable Sarah Silverman plays Charlie’s best friend Parker who forces him to go to the concert in the first place. Kat’s only real friend is her assistant Colin played by John Bradley. After the impromptu wedding, Kat and Charlie agree to convince the public of their marriage. They couldn’t be more different, but the way they fall in love is believable. Charlie teaches Kat to be self-reliant and Kat teaches Charlie to loosen up. Though he fears their from two different worlds, she proves they’re meant to be together. Marry Me is unorthodox, but romantic.

Marry Me

Kat Valdez marries Charlie Gilbert on stage

2 thoughts on “On My Way

  1. I totally forgot about this one, Owen Wilson is such an underrated actor in my opinion and works so well with so many actors, even if the film itself is terrible, Wilson’s chemistry with his co-star is always on top. He and J – Lo make an outstanding unlikely couple.

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