2,000 Feet Up

Fall is not for anyone with a fear of heights. Like 47 Meters Down if the danger was reversed. Fall is an incredibly tense fight for survival on a 2,000 foot tall TV tower. The trailer hooked me the moment I saw it on the big screen with Where the Crawdads Sing. Ironically, I went to see both movies by myself. I had to face my own fear of driving to an unfamiliar theater since Fall was too independent for my usual theater. Fall is about facing fears, but the story doesn’t support the suspense.

DC alumni Grace Caroline Currey plays Becky and Marvel alumni Virginia Gardner plays her more adventurous best friend Hunter. They’re a pair of adrenaline seeking climbers who deal with the death of Becky’s husband Dan briefly played by Mason Gooding. Jeffrey Dean Morgan briefly plays Becky’s concerned father, but all of it is secondary to the climb. Like The Shallows, the girls offer plenty of intentional eye candy. My heart was racing the moment Becky and Hunter foolishly scale the fourth highest structure in the world. Then my heart stopped when their ladder breaks, leaving them stuck at the very top.

As a survival movie, Fall has the usual threats like dehydration, being in the middle of nowhere, no phone reception, injuries, and even hungry animals. It’s just different when they can’t go anywhere without falling. The bloodier their situation got, the more I questioned the PG-13 rating. Turns out Fall was rated R, but they actually used deepfake to dub all the F bombs. Becky and Hunter’s problems are predictable, but I definitely didn’t predict the disturbing twist. Fall is end of summer entertainment that should be seen on the biggest screen.


Becky almost falls

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