Dear Journal

Doug’s 1st Movie is also his last. Unlike Pokémon: The First Movie, Doug didn’t warrant a franchise. Doug is a simple show with a surprisingly complicated history that makes it the only property owned by Nickelodeon and Disney. Nickelodeon’s Doug is one of the big 3 original Nicktoons that includes Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy. When the show ended, Disney claimed the rights and made several changes that fans hated. My brother and I didn’t watch either iteration of the show regularly, but that didn’t stop us from seeing Doug’s 1st Movie in theaters. Our parents love to remind us how much they hated it. I have no memory of seeing it, but I did do a rewatch with a fresh perspective after watching every episode.

The only reason it’s a theatrical release is because The Rugrats Movie was such a success. Even though their level of popularity is very different. The show’s signature colorful animation is marginally better, but the voice cast doesn’t include any celebrities. The imaginative Doug Funnie and his dog Porkchop are joined by his goofy best friend Skeeter Valentine. There’s the usual stuff from the series like Doug pining over Patti Mayonnaise, fantasy sequences, and an extended Quailman dream. Though the movie is weirder than I remember.

Doug and Skeeter try to protect a Barney sized Lucky Duck Lake monster affectionately named Herman. He only exists because their friend Beebe Bluff’s father has been illegally contaminating the lake. Meanwhile, Doug’s former bully Roger has the nerdy kids build a fully functioning robot. Doug spends more time dealing with love rival Guy. Other characters like Doug’s neighbor Mr. Dink and his mayor wife Tippy hide the truth about Herman until the timing is right. The ending isn’t as satisfying as the Disney finale, but at least Doug gets his dance with Patti. Doug’s 1st Movie should’ve been direct-to-video.

Doug's 1st Movie

Doug and Skeeter hide Herman

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  1. I grew up watching the original Doug on Nick and was really disappointed when Disney bought the rights. Disney’s take on the show was never as good I thought, and felt like the film wasn’t doing the characters justice.

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